April 11, 2010

Pick out a ring, or even breakfast, at Tiffany’s.

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Of course you can’t have breakfast at Tiffany’s. And in the 1961 classic starring Audrey Hepburn, she had her breakfast outside Tiffany’s, while admiring all the diamonds inside the store. Holly Golightly (Audrey Hepburn) is a eccentric New York City call girl who is determined to marry a Brazilian millionaire. Her dashing new neighbour played by George Peppard is an aspiring writer. She soon finds out that writing isn’t his main job, but catering to the whims and demands of his so-called friend who is a wealthy socialite. Their romance blossom, to the dismay of their “jobs”, and she sits on the balcony to sing “Moonriver” (one of the most iconic moments in movie history). Will they pursue love and give up their cushy lifestyle? Based on a novella by Truman Capote, this is a piece about loneliness in New York City.

C6. $9.90


April 7, 2010

I See Dead People

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This was one of the most clever supernatural thriller of all time. M. Night Shyamalan presents the story of a distinguished child psychologist (Bruce Willis) who is haunted by the painful memory of a disturbed young patient he failed to help. When he meets another troubled kid (the very young Haley Joel Osment), he tries to help the boy to redeem himself, and learns from the boy that it isn’t his childhood- there are other things out there terrorising him.

It’s a good movie for a gathering, a slumber party, and after you scream yourself out, I guarantee you’ll want to reach out for the tissue, because at heart, it is quite a romantic and touching movie. Sigh, they don’t do scary movies like they used to!

This DVD contains special features: with audio commentary by the director M Night Shyamalan and an intriguing section called “Rules and Clues”.

H2 $9.90 (Sold)

April 6, 2010

Who Killed John F. Kennedy?

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Who really killed the 35th president of the United States John F. Kennedy?

On Friday, Nov 22, 1964, while riding with his wife in a topless motorcade, he was fatally shot. Investigations pointed to a Lee Harvey Oswald, and he was arrested. He protested his innocence, but was shot dead in front of policemen by nightclub owner Jack Ruby.

Oliver Stone’s powerful film about a complex conspiracy theory in which Lee Harvey Oswald was only a pawn is one of the most provacative movies of our time. Starring Kevin Costner, it explores the events leading up to the assassination and alleged cover-up, pointing to the next president as part of a coup d’etat to kill Kennedy.

This film was embroiled in controversy before it even finished filming, and subsequently went on to win 2 Oscars, including Best Picture. It also includes archival footages of the actual shooting, and is bound to open your eyes to the complexity of American politics.

This DVD contains an extra 17 minutes of footage.

D1 $9.90

One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest

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One of my favourite classics, it is hilarious, emotional and thought-provoking all at the same time. Starring a young and not-yet balding Jack Nicholson, it tells the story of a free-spirited con man who escapes jail by pretending to be mentally insane and moving into a state mental hospital. Immediately, his contagious sense of disorder runs up against routine and the authorities. It is patients versus the most evil nurse in the history of film- Nurse Ratched. Directed by Milos Forman, it has swept 5 major Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Best Actor, Actress, Director and Adapted Screenplay.

The DVD contains special features, including Interactive Menus, Production Notes, Scene Access. In English with English, Mandarin, Cantonese & Thai subtitles.

DC3 $9.90

Cape No. 7 Original Soundtrack From Taiwan

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Also the thing with the most goodies inside.

Cape No. 7 was a Taiwanese film which starred Van Fan and Japanese actress Chie Tanaka. Directed by Wei Te-Sheng, this film has won a total of 6 awards at the 2008 Golden Horse Awards, and was Taiwan’s entry in the Best Foreign Language Film in the Academy Awards.

In this original soundtrack which I bought from Taiwan, the package comes in the form of a parcel, and there are 7 letters in the package (which are the 7 letters in the movie). On the opposite page, it contains the lyrics for the songs inside the soundtrack.

cape no 7 2

Songs Contained in the Soundtrack:

  1. “The First Letter: “Tomoko, Are You Still Waiting for Me?” (Yukihiko Kageyama)
  2. “Don’t Wanna” (Van Fan)
  3. “The Second Letter: Destiny Is this Era’s Sin” (Yukihiko Kageyama)
  4. “Love You to Death” (Joanne Yang, etc.)
  5. “The Third Letter: Tomoko, I Fell in Love with You at that Moment” (Yukihiko Kageyama)
  6. “Where to Go” (Bjanav Zenror)
  7. “The Fourth Letter: Why the Sea Breeze Always Brings Weep” (Yukihiko Kageyama)
  8. “To Daughter” (Patricia Ho)
  9. “The Fifth Letter: Tomoko, I Really Miss You: Ah! Rainbow!” (Yukihiko Kageyama)
  10. “As Happy as Can Be” (live version from the film) (Van Fan, Johnny C.J. Lin, Ming Hsiung, Ying Wei-Min, Ma Nien-hsien, Joanne Yang)
  11. “The Sixth Letter: I Write My Shame into the Last Letter” (Yukihiko Kageyama)
  12. “South of Border” (Van Fan)
  13. Heidenröslein” (Van Fan, Kousuke Atari, Chie Tanaka)
  14. “The Seventh and Last Letter” (Van Fan)
  15. “1945” (orchestral version)

S1. $19.90